Annarita Gentile Photographer

 Schuykill River Trail 2014

Schuykill River Trail 2014





Photography is my personal statement. I photograph to hold things closely.  I want to record as honestly as possible the multi-layered experience of my city and my travels.

     In these records are my own search for myself, along with capturing the culture that I am part of.  I am trying to reflect who I am, what excites me, what brings me to tears.  The wonder of the everyday and the uncanniness of everyday.  

    When shooting there is an emptiness of self, the time before something happens, before I see or react. It is from that meditative quiet I can catch someone in their quiet reflection, or their anxiousness or annoyance. Life can be exhausting and exhilarating. I use my camera to tell this story about living today. Photography is my attempt at telling these stories, 


    I use different cameras and process. I use film and digital technology. 

    I attend street festivals and events in which people gather. I also work on natural landscapes in my own singular meditation on nature.



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